It has become conventional for people who hear the word cancer to first think of death and then begin making decisions in fear of death. If you receive the message of this book, the next time you hear the word cancer your first thought will be
organomutagenesis...and your second thought will be remission.

Organomutagenesis is the word destined to replace the word cancer and remission is the word destined to replace the word terminal.

Cancer is not the generation of wild and crazy cells bent on destroying your body. Cancer/Organomutagenesis is an orderly, life-supporting biological process with the intention and potential to save your life.

Cancer/Organomutagenesis is Good For You !

Almadeus Star Gioeli

Compelled by his Father’s untimely death from cancer in 1967, Almadeus Star Gioeli, a pre-medical student at the time, began a pilgrimage of body, mind, and soul which led him through seven years of conventional bio-medical laboratory research, followed by seven more years of personal metaphysical explorations, followed by studies earning a degree as a Naturopathic Physician and an honorary degree in Oncology. The profound discoveries and revelations of that pilgrimage ultimately leads us all to the fascinating and revolutionary healing vision in the pages of this book.

Idyllwild, California


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