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"...highly original and engaging writing style…this original and thought-provoking book challenges conventional wisdom about how disease occurs."

Deborah Sullivan Brennan
freelance journalist with contributions to the
Los Angeles Times, Wilderness Magazine and Outdoor California

"Almadeus Star Gioeli’s book, Cancer Is Good For You, is an intriguing look into the current medical practices and their efficacy as well as a proposal for “alternatives to medicine” ... Gioeli is a good storyteller and in presenting the scientific basis for this thesis, he does so in an easy-to-read, felicitous way...he provides cogent, logically derived approaches to self-healing, peppered with fascinating stories from his own experience of self-discovery and working to effect healing in others that make for an exciting, intriguing and challenging read ... by inclusion of his personal journey (the book) is a thrilling journey of its own."

Marshall Smith
Journalist, writer, international lecturer in alternative
health and healing, and currently serving as Staff Reporter
for the Idyllwild Town Crier weekly newspaper

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